How to choose from a wide range of sanding machines?

Sander is a common woodworking machinery, it is divided into many kinds, in addition to stone and other woodworking operations, metal processing will also be applied to the sander, the sander can be used to improve product quality with sanding board. Different industries use different sanding mechanisms, and their advantages and disadvantages are different.
Long belt sanders and wide belt sanders are two types of sanders commonly used in sheet sanding machines. Long belt sanders can be divided into long belt sanders with sliding tables and manual pressure blocks and long belt sanders with pressure blocks and felt ribs. In the former, the sanding workpiece can be moved on the working table with guide rails, and the hand-held operating lever grinds the workpiece by pressing the sanding belt on the block under the action of the pressure block.
This kind of sander has the advantages of simple structure and low investment cost, and it can sand the parts of large size solid wood panels or artificial boards, and can obtain better surface sanding effect under the operation of skilled workers. The pneumatic pressure pad is used to replace the manual pressure plate that moves along the cutting direction, and the pad covers the whole width of the workpiece. However, when the contact surface between the sanding belt and the workpiece is too large, it will increase the power consumption, a large amount of wood chips will easily stick to the sanding belt, and the sanding belt will easily heat up, thus shortening the service life of the belt.
There is also a multi-axis pressure block type long belt sander, which is suitable for sanding of hollow board pieces, even if the surface of hollow board pieces is slightly abnormal, a better sanding effect can be obtained.
All kinds of sanding machines have different advantages and disadvantages. If you want to buy high quality sanding machine, welcome to visit our factory to learn more!

Post time: Sep-19-2022