Polish sanding machine used for Cabinet, wooden door

Woodworking polishing machine is mainly used for rough grinding and primer sanding of wood products. It is suitable for all kinds of solid wood, composite board, density board, veneer and other materials. It can be used for coarse and fine sanding, grinding and polishing of regular surface, special-shaped surface, plane and curved surface of linear wood line and wood board
Shaped sanding machine
The woodworking polishing machine has a good effect on the subsequent grinding and polishing of the carving of primer, white stubble, polyester paint (PE), polyurethane paint (PU) and all kinds of wooden doors, cabinet doors and other wood products. The machine has high efficiency. Grinding one door per minute greatly saves labor cost and is simple to operate. It is equipped with a frequency converter device, which can freely adjust the speed and select the appropriate speed to ensure the sanding quality of the workpiece

Post time: Apr-01-2022