Working principle and characteristics of solid wood embossing machine.

Solid wood embossing machine is widely used in solid wood door panels, cabinet panels, furniture panels and other surfaces to extrude simulated wood grains, with strong three-dimensional effects. The solid wood furniture made is generous with strong visual effects. It is the surface treatment method for a new generation of solid wood furniture. The embossing roller specially customized by the wood embossing machine can be laser-engraved to specify the texture according to the customer’s established needs. The roller set is of heavy quality, and can be electrically heated for the texture transfer effect, the engraving texture calculation, the formed texture is naturally interlaced, and the texture is clear.


  The working principle and characteristics of solid wood embossing machine:


   1. The pneumatic cylinder is used as the motive power to perform work, stable movement and reliable performance.


  2. There is no impact in the working process to improve work efficiency, processing quality and mold life.


  3. Two-hand button operation, with a foot switch for backup, releasing both hands improves work efficiency.


  4. The cycle time of the automatic punching machine is adjustable, and the electronic control can automatically and continuously punch, which can be used in the field of electromechanical integration.


  5. The hot stamping pressure can be adjusted.


  6, the temperature range can be adjusted from 0 ℃ to 650 ℃.


  7, the imprinting time is 0.1~10 seconds adjustable.

 Wood grain embossing machine

   8. The height of the hot stamping head can be adjusted.


  9. The depth of embossing can be adjusted.


   10. Automatic counting function.


  11. Control mode: manual button, automatic pedal.


  12. This machine adopts advanced microcomputer temperature control system and is made of steel, which is easy to use, strong in practicability, durable, low power consumption, good thermal effect, and print with a sense of unevenness.

Post time: Nov-15-2021