Double head wood embossing machine

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Double-headed wood embossing machine used for embossing on plates with width less than 150mm

  • Model : Double-headed wood embossing machine
  • Accessories: firm installation,brand guarantee
  • Material : anti-rust abilitr,good-looking appearance
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    Xuzhou Tenglong Machinery Co., Ltd. focuses on the development and production of wood embossing machine, brush sander machine, wide belt sander,sliding table saw,aluminum equipment and other furniture processing equipment. The company has strong R&D and manufacturing capabilities, professional technical guidance, and the purpose of "quality first, customer first, and service improvement" as its purpose. Double-head branding machine is suitable for solid wood door cabinet embossing, hot stamping, picture frame embossing, hot stamping, wood line embossing, etc. The principle of woodworking branding machine is to increase the high temperature and press the pressure of the pressure roller to make the pressure on the molding wheel The shape is burned on the wooden lines, the depth can be adjusted at the same time, the two heads are processed at the same time, the burn mark is clear, different temperatures, different tree qualities, and different tree dry temperatures can be burned into a variety of different substrate colors, easy to operate , Easy to maintain and stable. Moulding embossing machine has a one-year warranty and lifetime maintenance.

    Double head branding machine4
    Double head branding machine2


    ☞Durable: high-quality design, effectively improve the use and service life
    ☞Preferable material manufacturing: good anti-rust ability and good-looking appearance
    ☞Safe operation: industrial-grade switch, easy to operate, durable
    ☞Selected accessories: firm installation, professional craftsmanship, brand guarantee
    ☞Texture: Diverse patterns, many types, clear imprints
    ☞Two heads can be processed, the burn mark is clear, and the depth can be adjusted
    ☞Different temperatures, different tree qualities, and different trunk temperatures can be burned into a variety of different substrate colors
    ☞Simple operation, easy to maintain and stable.

    Branding machine template display

    It is suitable for all kinds of burnt wood printing patterns, and the required patterns can be customized according to customer needs.
    The branding depth is adjustable, double-heads branding at the same time, the branding speed is fast, and the branding effect is clear.
    Fast speed, selected materials, quality assurance, factory direct sales, and user-friendly design.

    Double head branding machine1
    Double head branding machine 3

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