Automatic Curved Edge Banding Machine

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Automatic Edge Banding Machine

  • Name: Wood Edge Banding Machine
  • Type: Woodworking Machinery
  • Main patent: Improved structure of edge banding machine
  • Suitable for: medium density fiberboard, blockboard
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    Edge Banding Machine Composition

    Edge Banding Machine Description

    1. Feeding group: Put the card into the cassette, and pull the card down to the transport arm by the pulling cylinder using the vacuum suction cup.
    2. Material rack group: Put the chip hot melt tape into the material rack correspondingly, and then introduce the chip hot melt adhesive through the guide wheel into the rubber punching paper mold, pre-soldering group, punching chip group, etc., Lead the belt into the corresponding position and put it away.
    3. Pre-welding group: heating element heating, temperature sensor and temperature controller cooperate to control the heating temperature, the time is set by the touch screen, the pot welding head performs hot melt glue and module backing under the action of the cylinder, according to different modules, change Use the corresponding pot welding head, such as eight contacts and six contacts.
    4. Module quality identification group: the identification hole of the bad module is sensed by the reflective electric eye, and the signal is sent to the PLC. After the signal, the PLC will transmit the bad module signal to the die punching group, and the die will not punch some modules. The card corresponding to the module is not spot welded and heat welded, and the card is sent to the waste box when the IC inspection group is packaged.

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    Edge Banding Machine Features

    1. It integrates punching, implantation, packaging and testing of IC modules, with high integration of equipment and easy operation.
    2. It is especially suitable for one-card one-core, one-card dual-core and one-card four-core card packaging, where one-card dual-core can be completed at one time.
    3. Adopting high-strength synchronous belt and servo motor card feeding structure, high efficiency and stable card feeding, low noise.
    4. Reasonable card positioning and correction structure, which strictly guarantees the module packaging accuracy.
    5. The modular conveying tool adopts servo, high-precision screw structure, high precision, stability and long service life.
    6. Add a circulating water cooling system to the module thermal welding process to meet the temperature requirements of hot melt adhesive packaging of various specifications.
    7. The module detection tool is equipped with a detector, which can detect quickly and accurately.
    8. The equipment runs the automatic monitoring function. When an abnormality occurs, the man-machine interface will automatically jump out of the rough screen, prompting the solution.
    9. It adopts color man-machine interface, friendly interface, efficient and convenient operation.

    Factory scene

    In order to make the automatic edge banding machine more in line with the market demand, the company continues to communicate and cooperate with a number of domestic scientific research institutions, and the ability of design, production, maintenance, commissioning and engineering transformation has been rapidly improved and the scale has been continuously expanded.
    We adhere to the policy of "enterprising, realistic, rigorous and united", constantly explore and innovate, take technology as the core, quality as life, and customers as God, and wholeheartedly provide you with the most cost-effective automatic control products, high-quality engineering design and transformation, and meticulous after-sales service.

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