Wire Brush Sander for wood

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1300-4-axis Wire Brush Sander, with 3 sets of steel wire brush rollers and 1 set of DuPont wire polishing roller

  • Type: Wire Brush Sander
  • Color & Page: Single Color
  • Driven Type: Electric
  • Computerized: Computerized
  • Automatic Grade: Automatic
  • Usage: Wood Brushed
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    Wire Brush Sander Description

    The working principle of the Wire Brush Sander: The wire drawing machine is composed of a wire drawing part and a winding part. The wire drawing part is composed of a wire drawing wheel, a mold holder, and a mold. After the wire passes through the mold, it is wound on the wire drawing wheel. During operation, the winding wheel runs to provide the traction tension of the wire. Under the action of the traction tension, the wire is wound through the drawing wheel to pass the wire through the drawing die, so that the wire is continuously changed from thick to thin, so as to obtain wires of different wire gauges.

    Wire Brush Sander are mainly used for surface frosting, wire drawing, drawing, etc. of stainless steel coils, stainless steel plates, aluminum plates, aluminum coils, signs, decorative panels, etc. After processing, the surface of the workpiece is smooth and smooth, and the silk grain is beautiful, without shadows or transitions. Strips or uneven textures, etc. This series of machines are economical and durable in use, wide in scope, and low in processing costs.

    It is suitable for solid wood board, floor, bamboo board, veneer, veneer, wood-plastic board, etc., flat brushing and drawing, removing wood hair, and thickening

    Optional specifications 620, 1020, 1320 (four-axis, five-axis, six-axis, seven-axis, eight-axis, nine-axis) support customization

    620-6 wire drawing machine 1
    620-6 wire drawing machine 2


    Consumables for Wire Brush Sander: steel wire roller, steel wire disc or polishing wheel, etc.
    The advantages of the Wire Brush Sander: high efficiency and consistent wire processing
    The processed effect of the relief drawing machine: the processed wood surface has a good three-dimensional effect and a clear wood grain texture.
    1. The number of brushed rollers and polished rollers can be increased or decreased according to different plates
    2. Body control panel, intelligent operation, labor saving, bright buttons, easy to understand, simple operation.
    3. The conveyor belt is equipped with five layers of superimposed materials, which will not run off for a long time. It is resistant to high temperature, not afraid of rain, and has a long service life.
    4. The brushed roller adopts stainless steel wire or copper-plated steel wire to effectively pull out the antique texture.
    5. In terms of power, the national standard pure copper motor is adopted, which has sufficient power, low loss, low vibration, and is safe and durable, effectively extending the life.
    6. Cast iron gearbox decelerating motor is standard, which is not easy to deform. The conveying can be adjusted at will, which is more worry-free.

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    Used for solid wood board, solid wood floor, solid wood puzzle, bamboo board, veneer, veneer, veneer, thin board and other plane brushing and drawing, removing wood hair, wood-plastic board and other synthetic materials such as embossing drawing, brushing and thickening Wait. After processing, the surface of the wood has clear silk patterns, good three-dimensional effect, and obvious wood grain unevenness.
    According to the different wood and processing effects, different types of machines are equipped with different numbers of wire drawing machines. The polishing spoke machine is equipped with a large torque reducer, which can adjust the feeding speed according to different plates. The frequency converter adjusts the speed of the wire drawing machine and the Shijiazhuang polishing machine according to different plates. Adjust the speed to achieve the desired wire drawing or polishing or roughening effect.

    620-6 wire drawing machine 3
    620-6 wire drawing machine 4

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