Willow leaf pattern metal embossing machine

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Willow leaf pattern metal embossing machine,The width can be 600mm, 1000mm, 1500mm and 1800mm

  • name : metal embossing machine
  • Appearance: small friction coefficient, impact resistance
  • Operating speed: he operating speed of different tile presses varies greatly
  • Withstand unit pressure: up to 2000-4800MPa
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    Metal embossing machine is a kind of mechanical equipment used for embossing and forming thin metal plates such as aluminum plates, color steel plates, copper plates, and stainless steel plates. The metal embossing machine includes a frame, a guide roller, an embossing roller, a transmission device and an adjustment device. The guide roller, the embossing roller and the transmission device are all fixed on the frame, and there are two guide rollers. They are respectively located on both sides of the roller body of the embossing roller. The embossing roller has two embossing rollers placed one above the other. The roller shaft of the embossing roller placed below is connected to the transmission device, and the two embossing rollers are arranged between Adjusting device for adjusting the gap between two embossing rollers. The metal embossing machine is simple in structure, easy to use, low in production cost, and low in energy consumption. The surface of the embossing roller has a clear pattern to ensure the embossing quality on the surface of the metal sheet.

    Metal embossing machine2
    Metal embossing machine1

    Product Parameters

    1.Precision grinding for removing burrs from the inner hole of the work piece
    2.Removal of oxide film
    3.Finished surface polishing treatment of oil stains
    4.Withstand high unit pressure
    5.Big difference in operating speed
    6Small radial size
    7.High output power,simple operation and convenient use
    8.Reliable quality and high work efficiency
    9.Easy installation and short construction period
    10.Vibration and crack resistance, longer service life

    Detailed Photos

    Metal embossing machine .With large load-bearing capacity and many mold patterns, metal profiles of a certain specification can be pressed into patterns with different styles. Using imported frequency conversion technology, the cycloidal pinwheel reducer can accurately and quickly realize stepless speed change to meet the requirements of use. It has an anti-wrinkle rolling mechanism and an electromagnetic clutch protection device. After embossing by this machine, it can greatly improve its surface aesthetic effect. It is an ideal equipment for the packaging and printing industry to improve product quality, strengthen anti-counterfeiting, and protect trademarks.

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    Metal embossing machine7
    Metal embossing machine8
    Metal embossing machine4
    Metal embossing machine3
    Metal embossing machine4

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